About me :)


My name is Tahreem T. Khan.

I am a sophomore at CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice. I am studying International Criminal Justice as my major. After completing my BA at John Jay, I plan to study further and pursue my Masters in Counter-Terrorism.

This blog is for my English 201 class I am currently taking at John Jay for my Summer 14′ semester. Through this blog, I hope to show my progress as a writer.

I have made corrections to my Multilingualism Final Project. I have added in a new table that will list the time (i.e. 12pm, 1:30pm) from the start and end of the conversation in every language to show codeswitching effectively. I do not remember the timings exactly so the ones I did remember, I filled in. The revised draft will be found under the Final Exam page.

I am a very happy person, and I like to smile a lot. So, before you leave this page, don’t forget to smile please 🙂